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ZAYWA TECHNICAL SERVICES  low voltage systems that distributes power where is needed, safely and reliably, while providing optimal protection for personnel and equipment.

Our range of low voltage distribution elements includes:

  • Grounding

  • Main Distribution Boards (MDB)

  • Secondary Main Distribution Boards (SMDB)

  • Final Distribution Boards ( FDB )

  • Cables

  • Sockets

  • Light Fixtures

  • Busbar System Installation

  • Cable Laying & Termination Works

  • Electrical Containment Systems

Emergency power systems are extremely useful in many different settings such as residential homes, hospitals, research laboratories, data centers, and telecommunication centers. Zaywa Technical Services specializes in many emergency power systems that includes:

  • Generators

  • UPS


  • Data and Communication

  • Fire Alarm

  • Access Control

  • Queue Management System

  • BMS (Building Management System)

  • Audio Visual

  • Lighting Control System

  • Video and Audio Intercom System



ZAYWA TECHNICAL SERVICE strives to install systems with the perfect quality-cost balance that successfully provides superior air quality while incurring low energy costs and allowing easy maintenance.

We Install, Repair and Service all types of Wall Mounted split, Multi Head Split, In-Ceiling Cassette, floor standing Units, Package unit, District FAHU, AHU and Chiller systems, be it Industrial, Domestic or Commercial. We provide a Planned Maintenance service for all types of air conditioning Units, ensuring the efficient, smooth operation of the system. Our company has established a great reputation for reliability & service installing, repairing and maintenance of all PI, GI & MS Ducting systems throughout UAE and Surrey for both residential and commercial properties.

HVAC system we Specialize in

  • Air conditioning & Ventillation systems

  • Chilled Water Piping & Installation

  • Ventillation & Air Filtration system
  • DX / VRV systems

  • Package units
  • Extract fans

  • Fresh Air Handling Units
  • Ecology Units and Make up Air Handling Units

  • CCU
  • GI and PI Ducting



The reliable protection systems we install have one main purpose which is to prevent the interruption of services necessary for the public welfare and avoid area wide conflagrations all while putting the safety of life at the utmost priority.

  • Fire suppression systems

  • Fire extinguishers

  • Fire hose reels

  • Fire hydrant systems

  • Automatic sprinkler systems

  • Dry and wet riser


ZAYWA TECHNICAL SERVICES  team provides both hot & cold water, Drainage System plumbing installation and maintenance services for residential villas, apartments, industrial and commercial projects with highly skilled plumbers supported with Engineers team. Our Team is expertise in all types of contracts of HDPE/PE, PPR, Copper, MS,GI pipe installation, repair, and maintenance work. We install All Kinds of PVC, GRP water tanks by the hands of well-trained and specialized in this field to guarantee you a peace of mind and security.

The plumbing systems that we specializes in:

  • Sanitary and drainage systems

  • Water distribution

  • Water treatment

  • Solar Heaters

  • Kitchen and laundry plumbing

  • Irrigation systems and controls

  • Sand traps and grease traps



Annual Maintenance Contracts
We are proud to bring to your kind notice that we also take up annual maintenance contracts for all MEP services. It covers all basic services such was plumbing, AC servicing and electrical works as well as regular inspections. We ensure that our clients are serviced within the specified period of time. Since we monitor our service levels, it will guarantee that our clients are getting the best practice service at all times. We offer competitive and flexible preventive maintenance contracts ranging from small clients to large multi building sites.


Planned Preventive Maintenance
The primary goal of PPM is to prevent the failure of equipment before it actually occurs. We provide PPM services that are designed to preserve and enhance equipment reliability by replacing worn components before they actually fail, which includes complete overhauls. Our facility maintenance engineers record equipment deterioration so that they know when to replace or repair worn parts before they cause system failure. It is the most cost-effective way of extending the lifecycle of existing machinery

Building Restoration
We offer full-service building restoration solutions to our clients throughout UAE. Building or villa restoration is the action or process of accurately revealing or recovering, as it appeared at a particular period, while protecting its heritage value. Restoration work may be performed to reverse decay, or alterations made to the buildings or villas. We provide all kind of repairs services across the Emirates region. Whether it is repair or restoration work of an apartment, villa or building; we do it all. We provide quick repair services, as per our client convenience.


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